Games for the Young Horse Lover

I can remember when I was younger and I wanted a horse more than anything in the world. But mom said no because we lived in town and a horse would need lots of space to roam about. Instead, she bought me one of those stuffed heads on a stick that I was supposed to pretend was a real horse. It ended up in the back of my closet with the easy bake oven and the doll that went potty.
If your little one is interested in horses there are several sites available online where they can play games, do activities and games and learn interesting facts about horses. Just check out any of the following sites:

1. sites has tons of games of all kinds. They are directed mostly to girls aged 8-12. Your little princess can have fun barrel racing, designing a perfect pony or playing dress-up with her horse.

2. provide links to several other sites with hundreds of online horse games. Most of these games are directed towards girls over age 12. There is barrel racing, harness racing and even some sim games where you can care for your horse.

3. online game site offers many different types of games, directed mostly toward girls aged 12 and over. You can compete in races and jumps with a horse you have chosen, do horse puzzles or even watch videos about funny things that horses do.

4. can do just about anything on this site. You can create your horse and stable, then take care of them too. This site is mostly for girls aged 10-12.

5. site is directed more towards a more mature audience. If you like to see the races then why not try racing yourself? They also offer all types of horse paraphanalia, toys, books, posters, hats and belts.

These are only a few of the sites I discovered by typing “online horse games” into the search bar on Yahoo!. You can find hundreds more, there is something for everyone. Whether you want to race or just dress your horse up to look pretty, there’s a game for you.