Enjoy War in Clash Royale

War strategy games are extremely popular in young teens because everyone feels much more fun than normal games. Clash Royale is the one of the best game because you have to work with strategies and tactics. This game is available for both the platforms Android and IOS. The game is same for both the devices but the just little difference in interface. Clash Royale is rated as the 4 stars on play store and if you are an Apple user then you may have seen that rating for this app on IOS app store is 4.5 stars. Now you well know that this game is so good. Even the reviews for Clash Royale are heartwarming. If you are new to this game then there are few things that you must have to know about them.

How Clash Royale Work

You have to do many things while playing this game because there are lots of things like collecting stuff and upgrading and elixir. So be patient during this game and let start knowing from each and everything

  • In Clash Royale you have to collect chests to unlock your rewards.
  • This game is all about collecting cards and then using them. Try to collect powerful cards because as much as the powerful card will be the much powerful will be your defense and attack. If you have already some cards then you can upgrade them for their better use.
  • In Clash Royale you have to build your own deck. The deck is same like the base but this is a little bit different. If your deck is built very well then you can win any battle.
  • During a battle, go through multiple arenas and slowly keep going to the top.
  • Create a clan which can share cards and by this, you can build your own community for battle.
  • All the above steps are important to know because these steps will help you to get to know about this game and playing style.
  • Now you know most of the things about Clash Royale so you can challenge your friends and clanmates in private. Keep on playing in private until you know about playing style.
  • You can build your own strategies while playing because you can find many tips and tricks but everyone read that so you can’t win through those tactics but you can learn from them so learn about some strategies and build your own strategy which no one can surpass.
  • You can go to TV Royale section and you can watch other players battle which will help you to know about power and limits of every card so you will be having good knowledge of cards from the opponent so you can do defense better than them.

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